Anonymous talk application in China draws

Recall the applications Secret and Whisper? The possibility of mysterious informal organizations is clearly returning China.

Latrine (indeed, that is the application's genuine name) enables clients to post a point or address and welcome different mysterious clients to join the discussion. The gathering should vanish following 60 minutes.

In any case, one reason the unknown application is drawing a lot of consideration is the character of its creator: Wang Xin, the CEO of once-famous gushing site Kuaibo, who served three and a half years in jail in light of the fact that Kuaibo gave clients access to pornography.

Numerous remarks on Weibo are grumblings from individuals who can't enroll accounts – something I experienced difficulty with too. After the application's legitimate dispatch yesterday, download joins vanished from the site, being supplanted by a message saying servers are overpowered. anonymous chat website

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