The problem with Hung family is that no more new storylines , relationship progression and family secrets to be revealed. Only independent episodes but with no real contribution to the family relationship. Actually there is episode 根叔 did DNA test for all his daughters , the DNA test was never revealed. Can create something from there. On the episode where 大家姐 lost her 'necklace' in the pool , can create something as didnt know why the necklace was meaningful . Like 双大 , but I think their relationship is bit superficial. Over three years, their relationship never improve , always going back to square one. Actually if its hard for them to reconcile as friends due to character flaw, then make them into family/ twin sisters who were separated at birth. Then they would have no choice but to reconcile. Also Hung family would then have a family secret to be revealed and storyline to work on. This is my thought. I think recently got some improvements. 加油,

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