I want to know why the title of the being ask/report

Dear Officer

I really cannot accept it for a long long time!

The report on screen always without name and title, seems like everybody remembers/realizes who is the one that is asked?
I want to know who is the one being asking till he/she left the screen, is it possible? Sometimes, even not show anything, how come?

Is it too rush? No staff to handle it? Why save that money and leave it not show!

I really hate and cannot accept it, it does not respect the one being asked!!!!!

Okay, can it be put this way, the senior management of TVB being asked, not show his name and title, what will be going on?!

Change another angle to think about it, please! RESPECT EVERYONE, NO MATTER THEY ARE "ANT CITIZEN" please.



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In 1993, a sculpture was erected in the courtyard of the CIA HQ in Langley, Virginia, N.A. It's an artwork by Jim Sanborn, commissioned by the then CIA director W.W. The piece reassembles 2 pages of a book. On one page is a rectangular grid of scrambled alphabet soup 亂字連篇. The top 2 of the 28 rows are,


The opposing page looks to be a table of ordered alphabets with each row being left-shifted from the previous. With the top row as an abscissa header, the top 4 of the 28 rows are,


Those skill in the arts would recognize that to be a Vigenère tableau pioneered by Giovan Battista Bellaso for coding secret messages.

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The general public have been challenged to decode the puzzle, and for the fun of it, using only paper and pencils. Over the years, many have solved a lion's share of the puzzle. While some, who work for spy agencies, remain anonymous.

The puzzle is understood to have 4 parts. The first two, as hinted, rely on the information in that accompanied tableau. Using the keyword PALIMPSEST (重寫本) as the "ordinate 縱坐標" for the table-lookup, the first part is unveiled to be a poetic phrase that Sanborn composed himself.

"Between subtle shading and the absence of light lies the nuance of iqlusion"

Intention unknown, that last word that should have been "illusion", has been misspelled through incorrectly having the "K" instead of a "W" in that second line of the sculpture.

Interesting enough, the "ordinate" to use for solving the second part is

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Transposition, a less sophisticate method, applies to the third part of the puzzle. One would first distribute the characters in the third part of the puzzle, sequentially into adjacent squares of their own, of a Monopoly-like game board. Then, advancing a game piece over this board, according to the total points of rolling 32 rigged-dice that show only 6's, the landing spots would spell the message.

As for the fourth part, so far, remains unsolved in the public domain. Maybe you care to give it a go.

~ The End ~

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