Are you sick of the Hung family?

Yes, I hate them!
No, I like them
I never watch them

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Vote if you hate Hung Tree Gun and/or the Hung family

Honestly, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! In the past 7 days, they have shown 4 episodes about the Hungs. It's sickening!!

I watched ep. 925 because it's about Fung and as I expected, it's a pain to watch the Hung family. Such a pity coz I like Fung but I HATE Hung Tree Gun and Hung Saam Yu. I find Mary Hung and Hung Syu Yan becoming a nuisance as well!! WHY do they have to put Fung together with this cheap, greedy, low-class, boorish family? They disgust me!

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YES!Completely sick and tired of this family except for Hung Shu Yan and Hung Sheung Sin.

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