報紙說愛回家的總編和統籌 (or something in that line)被即日遲退了。


有平安同健康就好,有家人也重要,其它的,挨過了難關就會更好。我在 cancer palliative care 做義工時,看過好多病人,都好年輕(好多只是二十多到四十多),有些明顯好有錢,因爲常常有穿 suite 的人(不是家人同朋友)在他們身邊轉,但都沒用了,而且他們情緣打斷這些穿 suite 的人,都會叫我同我的狗狗進他們的私家房,陪他們説説話,其實我無野講,只是聼同看著狗狗陪他們睡,一起打鼻鼾。所以要 keep things in perspective: 只要有健康,什麽都可以,不要灰心。


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Really ? Why fired ?


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well, is getting boring, time to create a new sitcom, can use the same actor/actress again.

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Quoting from one article:

"據香港《立場新聞》報導稱,香港 TVB 電視因報導反送中新聞時,立場過於親中偏頗,引發部份香港網友批評,內部員工也多有不滿。先前曾有多名 TVB 員工把員工證上傳到網路,附上「反對 TVB 失實報道」、「袁志偉( TVB 助理總經理)下台」、「譴責新聞部」、「五大訴求缺一不可」等字句,結果 TVB 在 23 日即刻解僱約 20 人,懷疑和這起事件有關。"

Those employees got fired not because of the audience's negative comments about any show but because of their political stand which is different from what CCTVB is trying to force on its employees. If CCTBV even cared about what the audience thinks, they would not keep ignoring our requests to bring back Mandy, take away Hung Saam Yu!

I personally think that the comments on this forum are for the most part, fair and reasonable. Even negative criticisms are aimed at helping the show make improvements rather than point-blank malicious and unnecessary. CCTVB should appreciate active forum users who post comments and suggestions for their consideration. Unfortunately, they don't seem to give a damn about our requests at all.

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邊日比人辭退 找不到相關新聞

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