小型摩打 插入 電掣 會不會爆炸


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It's not the 大小型 of the motor. It's the voltage rating. In addition, household power supplies are 220-volt AC. Most 小型摩打 are DC.

1) Supplying AC power to a DC motor:
For motors with "series" connections (between the field winding and the armature winding), they may run. For motors with "parallel" connections, they may run in a jerking manner or not at all in addition to generating excessive amount of heat.

2) 何謂「小型摩打」:
Motors with no more than 1 HP (746 W) output are referred to as fractional horsepower motors. Their rated input DC voltage may range from a few volts (for model or robotic kits) to 100V (industrial). Due to the relatively low impedance 電阻抗 of kit motors, household supplies 4 times the rated input most likely will cause the kit motors to short circuit and trip the fuse of the power supply. 爆炸? That depends on your luck.

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