入面d陷都係抄 Nifty @ Buzzfeed

如題, tvb毫無創意,平時都已經唔睇.
點知今晚一開電示就比我見到佢清鞋蹟係抄Nifty @ Buzzfeed 仲要條片係EXACTLY兩個月前upload.
BTw, here's the link : (link upload on July 5th 2016)

請問幾時學人教清生秀積呀??? Nifty 都有架wor

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You have a point that the material presented in 學是學非 may not be original. To be fair, neither is that presented in BuzzFeed. Do a Web search on "clean white shoes". Don't be surprised to find tons of articles that predate the BuzzFeed article on using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for cleaning. People have been practicing that before you and I were born. But then, not everybody already knew that. Besides, many don't read BuzzFeed, or English, for that matter.

Consider 學是學非 "retweeting" information that someone besides yourself may find useful.

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