在網絡上看到一些 <永久機關> 的片段, 就是不用輸入能源也能一直自行運作的裝置, 這是真的嗎?

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There are 2 types of Perpetual Motion Machines (PMM/永動機). The 1st type would do useful work without any external source of energy. Such machine can make more out of less. The 2nd type would run indefinitely without any external source of energy. Such machine generates no losses (no increase in chaos or entropy).

Referencing the Laws* of Thermodynamics (熱力學定律), the 1st type violates the 1st law regarding conservation of energy (能量守恆定律). The 2nd type violates the 2nd law regarding the increase in entropy (熵狀態演化). Many claims of PMMs have been made in the past but none is verifiable. No patent application for PMM has been accepted by legislatures.

* A Scientific Law is a statement, but not necessarily an absolute truth, based on repeated experimental observations. A Scientific Theory provides also well-substantiated explanations. Certain laws, such as Newton's Law of Gravity has been superseded by Einstein's General Relativity Theory (廣義相對論) in that gravity is the warping of space-time.

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