Milano per sempre, a magnificent travelogue

A week has gone and the travelogue on Milan has come and gone leaving behind no compliment or complaint. I think the producers are largely to blame for the dismal rating of this travelogue as they have grossly over estimated the tastes of TVB viewers. Their appreciation of Milan is still limited to espresso, panna cotta, Parma ham, truffles and shopping till you drop. What do they care about furniture designers like Phillipe Starck or the multifunctional kitchen table designed by Georgia Armani when that table is larger than the average bedroom in HK? And do they know who is Mr. Versace when his home was briefly mentioned in the episode on Como Lake? Janis, Kelly and Chris have done a marvellous job in hosting this travelogue as they did it with the vigor, class and international flair that have long been synonymous with HK but unfortunately, the average viewers seem to prefer seeing a few clowns running around pleading for discount in their broken English.

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