A good start but getting worse and worse

It was a very good start--one of the best of this year. But now with all the focus shifting to how amazing Chan Wai is, it is getting worse and worse.

When did she work hard in the Gall Lan? It was always her neice doing most of the work. Always. Did she help out her niece who was working alone as a young girl in the horrible place? No, she was too busy starting her own business, seducing the rich guy, being the chair. She still hasnt paid back her neice the 3 million she lost to gambling in the stock market. She is a total bitch to her poor niece.

And she slept around before getting a divorce. Seriously, if there was a ultra rich and succesful good man in his 40's, he wouldnt be interested in Chan Wai who is even older. And he supported her to be a bitch yo her poor niece. But not only him, but all his rich friends were impressed by her too and wanted to date this tacky selfish woman too.

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