Unbearable & horrible acting

That actress who pkays the young mother who needs to sell her house to pay off her husband's debt: her acting is horrible.

She speaks in monotone with a frozen face 90% of the time--so unnatural. She thinks great acting means screaming and opening her eyes big.

The whole show is full of great actorsvand actresses. But she just ruins it all. I hope her line will be over ASAP.

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no one cares for your opinion and what you think, not even your parents, so just do this world a favor, rest in peace and disappear. gracias very much.

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I had criticised her bad acting before! Wrong casting!

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Her acting is not the best, but you can tell she tries very hard for the role. The loudness is actually appropriate for the character she is portraying. She is pretty green in acting and deserves a chance to improve.

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She has performed really well.
She has shown us and I can feel
the pressure of life,
betrayed by husband, raising children,
worrying 个女比人搞大肚,also working
in such a 果 欄 men’s club environment.
Appreciated your hard working,
Keep up the good job
加油, support you.

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Her acting is not the best, but you can tell she tries very hard for the role

That is the problem...she is trying too hard. Well, sure, she can have more chances if she is new. But I think she should start with an easier and lighter role. No need to carry a big flag immediately as a newbie.

This role could have been played by, for example, Nong Legg Lin from Speed Delivery, Yao Ga Li, or her husband's ex-wife in Big Wheel, or Chan Shou Chu, or other great actresses who are constantly being ignored by TVB while this new actress starts with lighter supporting role. Right now, she is being surrounded by great actresses and actors and her acting skills stand out as inadequate. Even her daughter can act much better than she dies.

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wow what a bytch and you know I'm talking to u. that's right, you're a real bytch. keep ignoring my messages and admit defeat, and report all my messages too because as soon as I locate your IP, you're going to feel the consequences, and believe me, it won't be pretty, but to me it's so worth it.

the more u post the quicker I will be able to pin point the info. watch and learn, bytch!

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She just has a minor role. No need to be so harsh. The truly bad actress in this drama is 馮盈盈。

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惡人菊 嘅 造型唔好睇,

甄詠珊今次嘅演技生硬咗但我睇到佢有 "盡力" 去演,

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omg Toronto u r funny, don't you think you are so harsh to a newbie?

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