Mandy WOng is terrible

Mandy Wong's role is always she think she is the best and knows everything just like her own self personality. I do not like her nor do i like her role in this drama. I like everybody else and the drama itself but wish Mandy Wong is not in it. TAKE HER OUT!

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Give her a chance,

更加落力, 很難得當上一線.

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Give her a chance x 2

First two episodes she might be too noisy but as above said it is to reflect dai mo sir vs laser
I personally think that she is a good actress who put lots of effort in every character!

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it is every drama she plays in, she is always showing off, no matter if it is her clothing, jewelry, especially she think she is good in dancing, i mean i am not saying she is not good but she does not have to constantly remaining people., like in " on Call 36" do i really need to see her dance the whole dance and constantly showing her dancing? that was too much and in " A Team" again she think she is so all that. and in other show which i forgot the name already, she was wearing those Jewelry she think high fashion jewelry. .. she is always showing off like she is all that! If she takes those away and act her role like a regular actor then she be good.

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我覺得ok wor,雖然佢個角色的確係幾煩, 但我覺得佢同黃智賢都算襯ar、幾有火花,有時啲有極端d矛盾嘅冤家先好睇gama;反而黃心穎角色雖然討好,但C君演繹難頂(知佢想搞笑,但覺得佢喺呢套劇搞笑得唔自然,同平時主持嗰種風格有分別,搞到成個feel好怪),破壞左……

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角色係咁設計,代表佢演技出色,演活角色。Of course, 我比較鍾意「巴不得媽媽」裏面佢扮泥水妹個角色多啲。

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