Interesting and something different. Usually an old series should follow by a new series if there's one. However this is not the case for 使徒行者2 as it was NOT a continuation from the previous 使徒行者 years ago. In fact it is the opposite.

I just repeat watching the earlier 使徒行者 and realised the newly appointed CIB head towards the end of the 2nd series was in fact killed in the first chapter of the old version 使徒行者. In addition the ending chapter of 使徒行者2, the CIB new head asked 卓凱 to take a look at those files of UC he had selected. On his table there are files with pictures of Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam. Hence they appeared in the first 使徒行者.

Also 覃歡喜 only son died in the first series 使徒行者 at the age of around 10 years old whereas in 使徒行者2, he was only a newly borned baby.

Did anyone spot all these?

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