Must watch.

In the Chinese malls, we can buy pre-cooked 炒河, but I find them way too oily and also overcooked (when it should be only 60% done before frying). So, I always make mine from dried one. But it is way too much work because i have to rince the boiled 河粉 in cold water to get rid of the smell. After rinsing, i need to spend a lot of time on drying the 河粉。i cant wait to see how Ding Yeh does it.

I sautee my beef with a bit of baking soda to keep it tender because my beef must be 100% done. (I cant stand raw meat, not even beef.) I wonder how Ding Yeh does his.

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I was a bit disappointed too. The wet one looks not so good either.

I think I make the best dry-fried beef noodle in town given an electric stove and stainless steel wok--hahaha. But it is way too much work to dry and cool the noodle in the fridge (after cooking them in boiling water) and seperate each one. I would rather just buy it.

My beef--not as thin as Ding Yeh's. May be this is why I need a bit of baking soda. (I am too lazy to tenderize mechanically, hahaha.)

I wonder what part of the beef he uses in English?

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