最尾播三姊妹唱「Twinkle Twinkle little stars」真令我好心酸。


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Though 江麗雅 did seem to right all her wrongs by killing 炎沛湖 at the shooting range .. BUT .. not really .. she shouldn't have let her stupid empathy on 沛湖 .. got the better judgement on her .. After all .. she knew what 沛湖 was capable of .. She helped her .. giving her a crack of hope .. 沛湖 would seize the opportunity to survive or even thrive .. causing 蘇菲's untimely tragic death ..

Justice would have served to let 沛湖 to have a saddening .. aimless .. homeless life .. more like a life sentence of disfigured face with no hope in sight .. Would have been painful for her to live than to die .. craving over the opulent and luxurious life style she once had .. And 蘇菲 could have a story book ending in England .. instead of dying so bitterly .. so unfortunate .. so painful

BTW 江麗雅 "奶奶食三文治" ending .. not a bad idea a all .. At least 蘇菲 would have lived ... 江麗雅 for 蘇菲 .. Most definitely .. absolutely

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個結局真係令人心酸 .. exactly .. she didn't have to die .. but her curiocity instinct led her to follow 沛湖 to the warehouse .. 蘇菲 was ambushed by 沛湖 with a border spade .. Helpless and defenceless .. 蘇菲 was tortured to death by her own blood sister .. definitely one of the most haunting and depressing scene in all TVB series

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