其實我想知Mandy係咪真係有咗…… 雖然最後喺墳場嗰度鬧爆TY為報復不擇手段, 但係佢唔係都有段時間懷疑過曹永廉㗎咩, 咁其實會唔會有機會係扮大肚呃佢, 就可以繼續留喺曹永廉身邊睇下佢有冇古怪( 曹永廉今集講過因為Mandy有咗先唔飛佢,佢要培養Mandy個b一出世就做反社會人格嘅人…… )

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She was definitely pregnant. She was meeting Dr. Wong at the restaurant. Before Dr. Wong proposed, she was very worried, she wanted to talk, and didn't want to drink anything wine. That was because she was pregnant but not sure if Dr Wong would marry her immediately. Anyway, the entire story did not include a single clue on her not being pregnant. Her rush to marry Dr Wong amidst all the chaos also showed that she was pregnant. With her quality, she had no reason to want to get married so fast otherwise.

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