The scripters of this show are so full of negativity

I just watched the episode from Thursday cuz it started with Terry and I like Terry,, but the show is such a disppointment and reflects such a loser and pathetic attitide.

The key to happiness and success is not to compare yourself or hang around with big losers (e,g. Peter) so that you would feel good about yourself becuz of other's misery. Instead, compare and hang out with the successful ones, learn from them, and draw the positive energy from them. See the good in others (e.. Terry is always kind, not snobbish, trusting, and cheerful), use their strength o motivate you to improve yourself, and also be thankful for what you have.

Basing your own happiness on other's misery is the most pathetic and unhealthy. This kind of people always want bad things to happen to people around them or are only interested in other's misery. They are never successful (career or relationshipwise) in life.

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fuk you woopi you mofo can u just fking die already.

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