As long as it is cheap...rating not matter?

This shows has probably the lowest rating of all 8:30 shows in the last 10 years. It is around 20 to 21 points. The Ma's family and Dinner at 8 had as high as 25 points.

When TVB was still showing the hitting points on its Website, this show had less than 20% of what other shows got. So, obviously, people are not trying to watch it online instead.

The number one character of this show is Lui Wai Yi. The importance of her role is equivalent to John Ma in Come Home Love or Wayne Lai in Dinner at 8. But she cant act. Just look at her at the dinner with Icy and Max's mother today. The other 2 are acting naturally and well. But she is sqeezing her eyes and making faces non stop.

Why does TVB let such a week actress with a sqeeky voice to carry a show? Is it that as long as the actor is cheap, TVB will promote? But there are many good cheap actors out there. Why not buy more foreign show instead (even cheaper but good rating).

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1 收視率你知唔知點計?咁你都好信?

2 呂慧儀超正,我成家都好鍾意睇佢做戲!

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Low only recently. It was 23 and 24 points before. Only recent low because too much Max, and the rich man family. Since them, low rating. Bad snobby rich and no love people.
We dont want to watch. So low rating. Before, the poor Bok si and Mary, the Hong family, high rating.

Get rid of Max, the rich older sister, and that family, people will watch.

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