Episode 84 is the best

I love it that the ghost yelled at the rich father for causing the problems in the family.

Right on!!! Has he shown his wives and children any love? Has he cared about them or is he just waiting for them to compete for his love and attention?? Has he ever been a father or is he just leaking a few coins (compared to his tremendous wealth) for these children?

Most TVB shows like to make the rich father the good guys even if he cares little about the children. But TVB makes the children the bad guys who dont care their rich father but only want the money. If you grow up without love, money is the only compensation and comfort for all the suffering. When you have no love and your siblings have much materialistic wealth, you will naturally see your only worth in the material wealth too.

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Don't understand. Only a store. Why so rich? Can have 3 wives plus 2 girlfriends and 32,000,000 for a neckkace to gf.

Even very rich men in real estate cannot afford so expensive gifts for gas after 3 wives.

Only very very very rich men have many wives openly.


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