Another disaster like CC Fitness?

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No way

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A dead forum with only less than 70,000 views on

Few post except for hit hands. Very very very low views on Never see so low.

Another disaster after CC fitness?

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原因只有兩個:前一排太多太多垃圾 posts 故意地遲遲唔摌走去,反而一班滿腔熱誠 tvb 忠實 fans 嘅 posts (雖然有好多都不能同意其內容,但有討論才有進步) 就刪除快過打針,好多觀眾心都淡埋,都冇興趣再上嚟留言,甚至乎唔睇啦!

寫留言係需要用好多時間同心機,唔似得啲打手咁得壹隻兩隻字,打手嘅洗牌式,單字無聊又空洞,又不斷重複相同嘅 topics 同用語,刻意咁將原本有意思有深度嘅,大家傾到開開心心嘅留言 topics 推到後幾頁,一盤冷水,佢哋做法完全係冇意義同埋非常非常之趕客!

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打手嘅洗牌式,單字無聊又空洞,又不斷重複相同嘅 topics 同用語,刻意咁將原本有意思有深度嘅,大家傾到開開心心嘅留言 topics 推到後幾頁,一盤冷水,佢哋做法完全係冇意義同埋非常非常之趕客!
Can't agree more. Better to have noise (positive or negative) than the silent treatment. Don't understand what purpose the hired writers serve. Better to hire me and I will write nice things creatively, hahaha. Now this is like a dead show with no voice even though I personally quite enjoy the show.

As 4 the very low review views of the video on, I am surprised. It is unusually low. I guess the audience just leave the TV on, but they are not interested in watching the show on if they miss it.

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Don't know if TVB producer would review our comments, what they need is more story lines for other actors to perform. It is unbearable every night listening to the ladies talking with high pitch voice, if not, act as if they are still little girls where they are in fact in the thirties or forties.

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Yes. 10-son (Ma east) seems quite popular but he is only a side kick here. Koni Lui cannot carry any show by herself yet. Her acting and popularity are not in any position to carry 3 new guys (her sister, the ghost, and her nephew) by herself.

The current situation is similar to CC Fitness where Katie Kung, Chung zeng long, that Billy guy, and Mak Bao were pushed to the top where they were not ready. The results? All four got completely demoted after CC Fitness died. Chung and Billy especially got pushed into the fridge.

Now when Katie Kung was put back in only a supporting role in 2 Steps in Heaven, she shined immediately because that was her level. She could not carry a show and other new guys yet. She needed Bosco, Edwin, Louise, Priscilla, and others to carry the weight and build up a plot to draw the audience. But she could excel in a smaller role.

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Koni Lui is a very nice person but her acting is still... She desperately needs someone who can act much better to carry the show so she excel in her own role. Like in the ghost show...there were mature actors like Bobby, Nancy (popularity even if not acting in that show), Tung Li Ming, her husband to carry the show, with newcomers who surprisingly shined, then Koni could shine in her sub area.

But on the bright side, the 3 newcomers (the nephew, his friend, and the ghost whom I started to like) were much better than those newcomers in CC Fitness. Even the newcomers in her iffuce are much better. So may be if the focus shifts away from Koni Lui to those newcomers, Pal Sinn, the lawyer guy ftom Ma's family, and Lau Dang, Law Lok Lung, the show can be saved.

But if the show continues to focus on Lui and rely on her to carry the newcomers, I think this show will have as bad rating and reviews as CC Fitness. No hit hands could fake it's popularity.

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