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Even more ridiculous: the the entire website only wants to add that pineapple desert. Right, let's have a Website that relies on one single product. Hong Kong people are known to change quickly. And thus us not an in house production. Still, let's put all the eggs in one basket.

Of course a businessman with a normal IQ would try to sell as many best selling products as possible. At least all the top 30 if one can get the hands on it. But no, Ms Lui immediately shut her her assistant up when she mentioned the second best selling product for they only want the very best.

OK. Say you are an idiot in business. But as a consumer, when you buy something from the Web, there is delivery charge. Do u really just want to buy a couple boxes of pineapple desert? Won't you want to shop for as many items at the same time to make ur delivery charge worth it?


Any body runs a business here?

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