....事實有好多人"猛" 都冇大學學歷,甚至中學都冇架,所以唔好睇小人呢!!

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絕對認同 學歷唔代表一切,
"高分低能兼無品" 又有咩用 ?!
最重要係 個人修養修為。

我就特別鍾意聽 由 黎彼得 填詞 許冠傑 主唱
嗰啲好有 "詩情畫意" 嘅 情歌 喇,
例如:斷腸夢、梨渦淺笑、夜半輕私語、知音夢裡尋、浪子心聲 ......

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Upstairs, I cant agree with you more。

最憎D觀音兵,懒偉大,其是是無勇氣,盼望可以執死chicken,又或是心胸窄,眼光浅,不願意對多D人付出,又take family for granted, 所以生活上找不到emotional attachment的目標,唯有找一個他自己覺得最值得的人來奉献,讓自己覺得自己好偉大和浪漫。

真正的偉大是大愛,像杜聰那樣。阿媽養到你大,你吾學下人杜聰,29歲就已是銀行 vice president,用自己的才華大愛去幫無数的AIDS孤兒,都學下做個孝順仔,愛惜兄弟姐妹,好學吾學去做觀音兵,重要吾知道自己好樣衰,早知生塊BBQ pork好過生你。

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The exception: children who are abused by parents or adults who were abused as a child.

These people desperately long for intimate relationships with others, but they lack the skills on building healthy relationships with proper boundaries. Any affection means so much to them. So they are easily being taken asvantages of or manipulated. Nobody protects them. The world does KO them.

I live downtown (right in the center of a cosmopolitan city). The street youths (who run away from home due to abuse) are so vulnerable. You give them a bit of money on a freezing day and they are so grateful. (The professional beggers are not.) They are desperately longing for anyone to care. Sigh!

If 池天富 was abused from early childhood on (borderline case), his reaction towards 心如 is actually the typical and normal response. Not a very clear case since we dont know what the mother did, etc and there has not been much flashback.

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近排 KC 條 line 好 cheap - 唔好睇又唔好笑,破壞佢艱辛建立嘅形象!一於唔睇!!

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近排 KC 條 line 好 cheap - 唔好睇又唔好笑,一於唔睇!! x 2

I have lost my interest in this whole show except for may be big sister & her husband, and the university kids.

Those geek classmates of ong-zay are really funny.

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近排 KC 條 line 好 cheap - 唔好睇又唔好笑,一於唔睇!! x 3
我开始对他们还蛮有兴趣的因为喜欢以前的Amanda& KC ,但是现在看到觉得越来越恶心。现在最期待的就是大姐和金城武还有安仔他们也不错,至于熊家2,3小姐的线麻麻地一时觉得好,一时觉得好闷。

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