Feeling sad that this may have a sad ending

Want a good ending for everyone...don't want a sad ending.

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唔使擔心, 新年戲, 結局唔會慘情!

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But that drama about cooking, many ppl (not the bad guys) died during the chinese New Year. There were fundreal scenes too. This new generation of TVB writers and management can really surprise u.

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金針 died (preview says so). He is a good guy. Left his dad behind without anyone. Sad.

Millionaire Wong donated all his money to charity in his attempt to save his son. Of course, the son has to die. But it is still a good ending, I suppose.

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yes in my point of view the ending is sad……it is not the point that anyone dying that makes me sad(and eventually it didnt, 金針dies but財仔gives his body for him to continue to live--and so金針's spirit goes into 財仔……)
雖然最後表面上財仔係醒番冇事同番蓉蓉一齊, 但其實佢体內係金針嘅靈魂, 搞到好似金針同左蓉蓉一齊gum,好恐怖ar……so this is why i think the ending is sad…… 財仔最後都係冇得同蓉蓉一齊,唉……
雖然何廣沛做戲仲係乸乸地,演技冇進步過, 但如果淨係講matching feel嘅話, 我真係覺得佢同傅嘉莉幾襯, 財仔同蓉蓉嘅經歷完全係佢哋 身上展現到出嚟:) 財仔and蓉蓉 has gone through a lot, it can only be 財仔's spirit but not 金針's spirit……why is that 金針's spirit has to go in his body?!It is so weird and i cannot accept this ending lor……obviously 金針and蓉蓉 doesnt match at all lor!
Originally i quite like this drama and considered it as a lovely 8 o clock one cuz of the relaxing tone and the underlying moral……however this ending is making me really dissatisfied……this ending is kind of ruining a lovely show……sigh……

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Yong Yong will have many years to build much more memorable experience with Golden Needle. What would be really sad is if she does not get married and doesn't gain more experience. I think the romance comes and goes, but it is the family (inclding the children she will have etc) that matters to her.

Somehow I can't accept Cia Zai, a Chinese god, falling in love for his own pleasure instead of trying to help the good and poor people all over the world. (Not that I believe in Chinese gods, but if they existed, I think they should be loving and helping many instead of one beautiful girl.)

But to think of it, TVB has already said in previous episodes that Golden Needle's father has mistaken Cia Zai as the son. So, in that sense, it is not sad then.

May be becuz I am old. I care a lot more about love that is beyond romantic love--love for the common good, those who are suffering, and family. Must be... the old lady inside me is getting more and more obvious everyday.

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個結局幾好, 今次演員組合也很新鮮, 特別亮點係姚嘉莉同樊亦敏,當然, 土地都好搞笑, 希望TVB製作多D輕鬆喜劇就好啦!

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