Have u met any men as nice as 梅菜乾 in real life?

Yes, personally
No, but they exist
No, they dont exist

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梅菜乾 is real?

I really people like 梅菜乾 still exist in the world today. Have u met anyone so nice personally? Share ur stories and warm our heart.

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well, it is warm though to met some kind of ppl like 梅菜乾 in yr life but i think this chracter is a bit stupid and trust ppl too easily……like his so called daughter who eventually trick him for all his money……

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The daughter was not stupid...he lost his family for more than 20 years...he had nothing left...finding his daughter gave him a goal to keep his hope up. So any hope...any chance...u want to grab on. When u are desperate, grabbing onto hope predominates logic.

But never met such nice ppl in my life. Read a lot about such ppl, but when met in person presenting myself as nobody, saw a completely different face than presented.

May be that Harvard MBA graduate who gave up his VP job to save the orphans in AIDS village in China and actually live among them instead of just building a 2nd lucrative career in a charity. But dont know him in person. Just read about it. Also, some ppl may indeed be very kind to certain groups but mean to others. Not like Wayne who is good to all.

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