黎耀祥 & 郭少芸

This would certainly be a good idea, Storyforest, although I doubt if those powers that be in TVB would pay heed.

Anyway, despite (or perhaps because of) the dim-witted plot surrounding 「臣小」, it's clear that Lai and Kwok have much more dramatic rapport in this sit-com. Although the 「臣飛」line has been dropped (to the dismay of many), the snippets of interaction between the 2 characters in the latter part of the series (just like the conversation in the canteen a couple of episodes ago) proved beyond all doubt that Lai and Kwok is a much better match that Lai and Mo, who really is hampered here by a bad script as well as her own off-form acting, which resulted in audiences having goose-bumps (of the wrong kind) whenever she and Lai posed together for more "romantic" scenes.

It would be interesting to see how much the coupling of Lai and Kwok could achieve within the context of a better-honed script.

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